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8 Great Superhero Activity Books For Traveling Children

8 Great Superhero Activity Books For Traveling Children | Simply Superheroes

Entertaining children while traveling is not easy. Especially when your child decides they don’t want to watch their favorite movie you packed for the portable DVD player or when you realize you forgot to put in new batteries for his portable video game console. Eventually boredom sinks in.

Having a back-up (or three) helps. If your child likes Batman, Spiderman or Superman, here are eight superhero activity books that will and keep him (and you) happy during long trips:

8. Batman Scratch & Sketch Art Activity Book (Peter Pauper Press, Age 6 and Up)

If your child like arts and crafts, have them copy 20 simple sketches of Gotham City characters such as Robin, The Riddler and Poison Ivy. Then use the wooden stylus that comes with the book to scratch away at the black coating on the pages and watch as multi-colored holographic colors appear in the sketches.

7. Batman Math Made Easy – Fifth Grade (DK Publishing, Ages 10-11)

Go math crazy with this illustrated workbook of problems and practice questions. It covers all areas of 5th grade math with an emphasis on addition and subtraction of decimals and fractions so your child will be ready for standardized tests. This book is endorsed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards.

6. Glow In The Dark Sticker Book Series – Batman and Spiderman (DK Publishing, Ages 4-8)

Most kids love three things that start with the letter “S” – Soap, Sand and Stickers. If your child likes stickers, it will be hard to pry this glow-in-the-dark sticker book out of his hands. There are over 60 reusable full-color stickers in each book. For the extra “Wow!”, shine a flashlight on the stickers before turning off the lights.

5. Ultimate Sticker Book Series – Batman and Spiderman (DK Publishing, Ages 4-8)

We rank these higher than the Glow-In-The-Dark books because these Ultimate books are great for day traveling (when most kids travel). Like the Glow-In-The-Dark books, there are 60 reusable stickers for 16 pages. There’s good reason why the word “ultimate” is in the title of these books.

4. Superman Returns Color & Activity Book (Meredith Books, Age 4 and Up)

This is highly recommended for the Superman fan. While the book comes with a paint set, there’s no reason you need to use it. When traveling, crayons can substitute for the paints to avoid any mess in your child’s seat. The 24-page book is filled with Superman activities. Since the pages are perforated, you can tear out their artwork for your refrigerator when you get back home. The reading level in this book (Ages 9-12) may be advanced depending on your child’s age so don’t be surprised if they ask you to read page caption or instruction before they tackle each page. We think the best part about the book is its back cover: a cut-out Superman face that can become a mask for your child to wear.

3. Batman Begins Official Movie Color & Activity Book: In Fast Pursuit (Meredith Books, Ages 4-8)

This 64-page book is loaded with fun Batman activities such as coloring, drawing, connect-the-dots and problem-solving. It also comes with 20 stickers to keep your Bat-child busy.

2. Spiderman Learning Workbook Series: Numbers & Counting, Addition & Subtraction, Printing Practice (Bendon Publishing, Age 5 and Up)

These eductional books are great for passing the time for your Spidey fan. Each book has 32 perforated pages with answers in the back. Your child will get to know numbers and letters, learn how to write them correctly and solve simple math problems and situations.

1. Spiderman Activity Fun Case (Bendon Publishing, Age 4 and Up)

Weighing nearly 2 pounds, this is the cream of the crop. It’s loaded for long trips: 3 jumbo coloring books, a box of crayons, an activity book, a poster, 50 stickers and a growth chart. What more could a Spidey fan ask for?


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