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Parents Survival Guide To Comic-Con

Earlier this month, posted a survival guide to the upcoming Comic Con geared towards mothers.

Since there will be plenty of fathers attending with their children we think this guide will apply to them as well.

If you are bringing your children and they’re young, we recommend:

  • Discuss and map out what you want to do before going
  • Have a game plan before attending about buying things at the convention
  • Depending on what you’ll buy, bringing a stroller may be a good idea in case your little one gets tired from walking around or for hauling the stuff you get. For older kids, we recommend bringing a rolling backpack
  • Bring extra snacks and drinks for them
  • Know where the bathrooms are
  • Be prepared if they want to leave early. With everything to look at and the 100,000+ people attending, it can be overstimulating to them (and you)


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