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Why Superheroes Matter By Chris Gavaler

We highly recommend reading a blog about superheroes by Washington & Lee University professor Chris Gavaler called The Patron Saint Of Superheroes.  

He posted this morning (School For Batman) about the superhero class he teaches at this school and how it got started in 2008.  He mentions in the post about the reaction his colleagues had to him about teaching such a class: why superheroes?

The short answer is easy. Superheroes, like most of our pop culture productions, reflect who we are. And since superheroes have been flying for decades, they document our evolution too. On the surface of their unitards, they’re just pleasantly absurd wish-fulfillments. But our nation’s history of obsessions broils just under those tights: sexuality, violence, prejudice, politics, our most nightmarish fears, our most utopian aspirations, it’s all swirling in there. But you have to get up close. You have to be willing to wrestle a bit. I think we should pull on Superman’s cape. I think we all need to sink our teeth into Batman’s head.


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