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Captain America Winter Soldier Cardboard Standups Now Available

You're going to love our latest arrivals: lifesize cardboard stand-ups of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie!  Shop for Steve Rogers, Black Widow (better hair than Avengers, right?), Falcon and, of course, The Winter Soldier.  
Speaking of him, the reason his mask is floating next to him is just so you know when you purchase this one, a cardboard mask is included with the standup and it can be inserted over his face if you want.  Pretty cool, right?
Each one is printed on heavy cardboard and is made to order.  They range in size between 65 and 76 inches tall.  They include protective edging so when they ship, you don't have to worry about them getting banged up.  Each one is priced with free U.S. shipping at $44.99 and you can get all four as a set for $174.99.


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