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2014 DC Comics Girls Swimwear Now Available For Pre-Order


Update 3/27/15: Wonder Woman One-Piece Bathing Suit and Long-Sleeve Girls Rash Guards are now in stock!

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Update 5/1/14: Shipments are going as planned. But the Wonder Woman One-Piece Bathing Suit is now officially sold out for the season(!)

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Update 4/21/14: We have shipped dates for the three Wonder Woman swim outfits:

1. Wonder Woman Girls Halter Bikini - we will have this available approximately Tuesday, May 6th 

2. Wonder Woman Girls One-Piece Bathing Suit - we will have this approximately Thursday, April 24th

3. Wonder Woman Toddler Halter Bikini - we will have this to ship out around Thursday, May 1st.

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Update: 4/18/14: All but three (Wonder Woman Girls Halter Bikini and One-Piece bathing suit and the Toddler Halter Bikini) are now in stock and have shipped to all pre-order customers. We were not able to reach the manufacturer given this is Good Friday and we received our shipment late this afternoon.  As soon as we get an update on Monday about these three swim outfits, we'll post it here.

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Update 4/15/14: The swimwear is being shipped to us today.  We expect our shipment later this week from the manufacturer and will be shipping the swimwear as soon as we get it.


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Update 4/4/14: Rash guards are now in stock and are starting to ship out. All other orders will start shipping out starting in mid-April.

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Update 3/25/14: We are now accepting pre-orders for Wonder Woman Toddler Halter Bikinis as well.

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Get ready for this year's 2014 DC Comics Girls Swimwear!  We are offering 10 different swim outfits for girls ranging in size from 4/5 to 7/8.  Because last year's swim designs sold out so fast and because we've been asked so many times about when they'll be available again, we highly recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible.  We haven't received any guarantees by the manufacturer of availability after our initial order that we just placed.  

These swim outfits will not be available for at least another month and we anticipate receiving our stock in early April which is when we will ship all pre-orders.

Like last year, we are offering what sold the quickest last year: Wonder Woman girls halter bikini.  In addition, we are offering a Wonder Woman one-piece.


In the Girls Rule department, we are selling a yellow and pink tankini and bikini.

For Supergirl, we have a one-piece Super Rainbow design that is in black and pink.

We've also added a Batgirl tankini we think girls will like a lot.

In addition to these swimsuits, we have rash guards to protect your daughter from the sun.  We have long sleeve Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl as well as a short sleeve Wonder Woman.

All of these swim outfits are available in sizes 4/5, 6/6X and 7/8 and priced at $29.99.


Derek on April 06, 2016

You’re not the only one looking for superhero clothing for girls. Only recently has DC Comics (Warner Bros Consumer Products Dept) and Marvel (Disney) have taken notice that girls like superheroes as well. More times than not the wholesalers are the ones taking the most risk with what they think retailers will buy (and re-buy) from them and girls are considered a risk.

Try this: go to your local retailers that sell superhero merchandise. Do they have a discount rack? See if you find superhero clothing there? Are the discounted clothes for girls? If not and they’re selling girls superhero clothing without any markdowns, that’s a good sign. Otherwise, not much has changed in the retail world for girls who want superhero clothing.

Elarie on April 05, 2016

It’s so true… where are all the girl superhero clothing? Why is it so hard to get super stuff for girls?

Derek on April 18, 2014

Hi Julie,
Unfortunately we’re not the ones making these swimsuits. They come from a company that specializes in womens and girls fashion and the color suggestion you’re making is something we can ask the company to do for future consideration.

We wish more companies would take risks with making superhero products that fans want but they need official approval by Marvel or DC Comics/Warner Bros. which doesn’t always happen. If they did this change in color and even if they did get the approval, they have to get hundred if not thousands produced and hope that these products will sell well. So in other words, is it worth the investment and the risk for these companies? Sometimes it is but sometimes it’s not.

Hope this helps.

Simply Superheroes

Julie Swenson on April 16, 2014

My 3.5 year old LOVES superheroes but generally the male characters and wants all the clothes and swimsuits in their real colors. Do you have any swimsuits in primary colors rather than pink? Unfortunately she isn’t into Wonder Woman.

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