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The Return of Ziggideez: Superhero Clip-Ons

Last month, we posted that the manufacturer of the product Ziggideez (Fairfield Fun Factory) would not be putting their plush superhero product on the market. In the meantime, Simply Superheroes now offers a different product from the same company: Marvel Superhero Clip-Ons.

Available in Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, they are made of soft, moldable plastic that swivel in any direction. You can attach them to just about anything you wear – shoes, belts, wristbands, baseball cap – and anything you carry like a backpack. Try a superhero for $1.99 or get the set of three for $5.99.

Since they are the perfect superhero party favor, we also offer them at a discount in lots of five. Imagine how happy kids will be at your child’s birthday party when they see these clipped to the top of their party favor bags.


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