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We hope you will enjoy the following submitted by the website that describes superheroes from the U.K. – Derek

In these tumultuous time we live in, wouldn`t it be great if superheroes were real? If a muscular man clad in Lycra tights could swoop down from the skies and use his super duper special powers to catch the bad guys! I mean, come on, all you need is a secret identity, a strong moral code, some super powers, a trusty eager young sidekick, a penchant for Lycra and an arch enemy!

Most of the Superheroes we have come to know and love made their first appearances as comic book heroes. UK superheroes include Marvelman, who first appeared in February of 1954. Blessed with powers of superhuman strength and speed, exceptional intelligence and ability to survive in space, Marvelman also had the power of thunder – by simply clapping hands! Sporting a blue and red suit (sound familiar?) Marvelman was once just a boy called Mickey Moran, until a crazy scientist, who was on his death bed, told him the secret word of the universe (“Kimota”) and he developed powers beyond his wildest dreams! Marvelman was not without a controversial background! Originally Marvelman was called Captain Marvel, however he was deemed to similar to Superman, so he had to be changed!

Another group of popular UK superheroes are the Thunderbirds. Scott, Virgil, Alan,Gordon and John were the sons of Jeff Tracy, who together all live on Tracy Island. Part of a secret organisation, they protect and rescue people on Earth and in space, by using their Thunderbird vehicles. The popular puppet TV series has made the Thunderbirds legendary and their blue polo necked uniforms are instantly recognisable. Set one hundred years in the future, The Thunderbirds popularity spans generations and even those who have never sat through a whole episode will be able to make a Thunderbirds Tracy Island, from nothing more than some empty toilet rolls, brown and green paints and some old newspapers – courtesy of years of brainwashing via Blue Peter!

However, even when you add together the total popularity of fellow UK superheroes; Lara Croft, Doctor Who, Thermoman [pic], Angel Summoner and Bananaman, you do not really come close to the impact American Superheroes have had on our culture.

Marvel and DC Comics superheroes have soared to unbelievable heights. Comics, television series and features films have ensured that their superheroes are instantly recognisable and popular with generation after generation. The most popular of all the superheroes has to be Superman. Superman, in his blue and red Lycra outfit, accessorised with flowing cape constantly saves the world, whilst battling the formidable Lex Luther and coming to terms with his own demons as he struggles to maintain his secret identity- part Clark Kent and part Kalel, Kryptonian alien!

Battling for second place are a legion of superheroes whose posters adorn millions of children bedrooms throughout the world. Paraphernalia is everything when it comes to keeping the popularity of superheroes alive and everything from Batman bins, to Spiderman duvets, the incredible Hulk T-shirts and Wolverine Y-fronts, all mean that superheroes live on in the hearts of our children and the wallets of their parents!


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