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Big Apple Comic Con Conquers NYC

Simply Superheroes Blog – Big Apple Comic Con Conquers <span class="caps">NYC</span>

Mix over 200 celebrities, rows of vendors, high-octane music, and thousands of comic-con hungry attendees and you get an event that rocked NYC. There were many dressed-up attendees who kindly accommodated anyone who asked to take their picture. The Artist Alley had a lot to offer including a chalk artist in action (see above pic).

Our seven-year-old son had a blast checking out the action figures at each vendor we encountered. Like any large event, we kept to a few ground rules with him: sticking together and speaking up when hungry, tired or in need of a bathroom. Within three hours, being there felt overwhelming by the number of people, the fatigue of walking around and the music that pumped through the corporate area.

The event seemed like a smaller (and saner) version of the New York Comic Con that occurred more than six months before. We spoke to one vendor about what will happen next October: the planners of Big Apple Comic Con have decided to hold this event next year on the same weekend as the New York Comic Con 20 Manhattan blocks away. He was baffled by this decision. When asked which venue he will choose, he said he hadn’t made up his mind yet.

We’re baffled by this decision as well. While it’s nice to have a choice between which event to attend, vendors will suffer the most. Money flies out of wallets at these comic conventions. It’s hard to believe if people spend their money at the New York Comic Con, they’ll have money left over for the Big Apple Comic Con.


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