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How The Bracelets Of Wonder Woman Worked On The 70s TV Show


Decades before CGI and years before George Lucas wowed us with the special effects of Star Wars, how did the production team for the TV pilot The New Original Wonder Woman make the bracelets appear that they were deflecting bullets? In the DVD for the first TV season, Lynda Carter gave commentary about the pilot as well as the special effects for the bracelets.

Whenever Lynda Carter deflected bullets, she did so with clenched fists and only showed her outer forearms. So what, right? Actually this was important.  In her commentary for the pilot, she explained the stunt bracelets were wired with three charges each.  The wires went from the bracelets on her inner wrists up to the palms of her hands.  She held the three-button detonator in each fist.


So where on the bracelets did the charges go off?  On the smaller stars on each bracelet.  Above is a grainy close-up of the top photo.  These small red stars are close to her hands and are almost lined up in a horizontal line.
Later in the series, the bracelet design changed.  The detonating stars surrounded the central red star and were no longer red.




And here's what it looked like when detonated by Lynda Carter.



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