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Updated 4/23/13: We have Super Hero Squad party supplies in stock.

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We receive a lot of traffic from people searching for Super Hero Squad party supplies.

Right now we do not carry these party supplies and by doing a search online, we didn’t find anyone carrying these products either.

So where are they?

This morning we spoke to our Hallmark party supply representative and inquired about Marvel’s new cartoon show characters. To our surprise, this theme is not available yet but our sales rep sounded enthusiastic, saying she will suggest this product to Hallmark’s upper management.

In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing Super Hero Squad Party Supplies from us in the future, please click the button below. This will open an email for you to send to us that already has a subject line referencing this product. We’ll notify you when these party supplies become available.


Donna on June 22, 2010

I found all of my son’s Super Hero Squad party supplies at Wal-Mart.

Derek on June 09, 2010

Good News!

We now have Super Hero Squad Party Supplies in stock!!

Derek on June 03, 2010

Michelle, the suspense is getting to us. Every time a fed ex ground truck goes by we’re thinking, “Here it comes!”

It’ll be any day now, hopefully tomorrow. And when it does come, we’ll be ready.

We’re happy the treat bags we’ll be offering will be what you need to make your son’s birthday memorable.

Michelle on June 03, 2010

Derek….I am still hoping you get your supplies in before my son’s birthday. I noticed you are going to have the treat bags, which I have not been able to find yet. So, I will be ordering those and maybe extra plates because my son LOVES the Superhero Squad.

Derek on June 01, 2010

Any day now, Beverly. We’re setting up the product pages for each SHS party supply item in preparation. We’ll let you know when we get them in.

Beverly on June 01, 2010

When will you have superhero squad party decorations?

Derek on May 25, 2010

Congrats on finding these party supplies already. This website charges $6.99 shipping while we charge only $3.99 in the US. They offer free shipping if your order is at least $75 while we offer free US shipping if your order is at least $25.

Michelle on May 25, 2010

This is one tough set to find, but I did find it in the states. has quite a bit in stock and they have fast shipping. birthdaydirect will not begin selling this product until June 15 – 3 days after my son’s party…….I don;t know why Marvel did mot market this product sooner

jessica on April 27, 2010 has super hero squad party supplies

Terri Hamm on April 22, 2010

I found everything Superhero Squad related for my son’s birthday party at Kids Party Shop. It is based in the UK and kind of pricey to ship but it is worth it. Oh, the things we do for our kids! I was quite happy with the service and the speedy delivery too. Check it out:

Graham on April 12, 2010

Marvel Superhero party supplies are available from the UK at

Derek on April 05, 2010

@ Stephanie, @ Susan: It’s likely we’ll have them before June 12th. We are expecting these party supplies by early June. We ordered them in late January and they come from Hallmark on a first come,first serve basis.

@ Stephanie: try your local Walmart SuperCenter until June.

Susan on April 04, 2010

My grandson wants superhero squad for his birthday in late May. Will they be available by then?

chasty on March 20, 2010

i am in need of the new cartoon superhero squad party supplies i have looked every where if anyone know where or when they might get some could you let me know email me at thanks

Stephanie on March 18, 2010

I noticed you are getting Superhero Squad party supplies in June. Is there anyway that I can get some by June 12? That is when my son’s 4th birthday party is. He absolutely loves the show and sings the song all day long. Thanks!

Derek on March 01, 2010

Hi, Cindy.

Your best bet is to try Walmart, or even better your local Walmart Superstore.

They have an exclusive on these party supplies until everyone else has them starting in June (like us).

Cindy Cook on March 01, 2010

I like the rest have a two year old grandson who is going to be very disappointed that we could not find these for his upcoming third birthday on March the 16th. He absolutely loves the Super Hero Squad and I cannot for the life of me understand why there are no products for them. Children just do not understand why they can’t have them, they just want them on their special day.

Amanda on February 28, 2010

My son will be 3 in May, and he loves Super Hero Squad!! I havent been able to find party supplies anywhere!! If anyone knows of anywhere I can find Super Hero Squad party supplies before May PLEASE let me know!!

gustav on February 26, 2010

Which wallmart did you buy them at?
my son’s party is on april and he will love this.

brenda on February 24, 2010

i bought some in wallmart, now i need a few more things… i found some on ebay, the problem is they ask a lot of money for them, because it is on auction and you have to pay 40 or 50 dlls for a package you could pay less than 20 on wallmart.

Stephanie on February 05, 2010

I am very upset as I found the supplies at Walmart last week (with my son) and I am planning a surprise party so I didn’t buy them. I went back last night and the theme was completely removed and the area retagged for something else. My son is going to be heartbroken as he has already seen all of the stuff… Please if anyone know somewhere online to buy the supplies please post.

Maggie on February 04, 2010

Found them in Walmart NJ

Tracy on February 03, 2010

I found Superhero Squad party supplies at the Super Walmarts in Orlando…. If you live near a Super Walmart and are looking for Superhero Squad party supplies, check it out. Also found kids full and twin comforters, sheets and blankets. :)

Derek on February 02, 2010

Hi, Melissa.

We posted more recently on our blog that we will have these party items in June:

And our latest blog post shows what these items will look like:

You can also get updates in our facebook group for these party supplies and other Super Hero Squad products here:

Melissa on February 02, 2010

do you have super hero squad party items available yet?

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