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Our Non-Spoiler Review Of Captain America: The Winter Soldier


With a bigger opening than Thor: The Dark World or Man Of Steel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier delivers an amazing knockout punch, the way Cap did to Hitler on the cover of his debut comic in 1940.  Everything you've seen in the trailers and clips do not reveal the storyline.  From editing, almost everything in the trailers are mixed up to make you think one thing when something else happens.  

If you've read Ed Brubaker's Captain America graphic novel that is the same name as this movie, you will be pleasantly surprised: it's not the same.  If the graphic novel was a boat, this movie is a spaceship.

The movie is well worth the wait and sets up Avengers: Age Of Ultron in the first of two post-credit scenes.  This first post-credit scene occurs after all the actors are shown in a cool graphic design reminding me of cover artwork of the first volume of Matt Fraction's Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon.  Don't forget to stay in your seats until all of the credits are over to see the second scene.


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