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New Arrivals: Superhero Film Cells


Let's face it: superhero fans have been spoiled by the number of superhero films released over the past ten years and will continue to be spoiled by the number of superhero films to be released in years to come.  Since so many ticket-goers to superhero films are already superhero fans, we know they're going to be excited about the collection of framed film cells we now have to offer.

They're limited edition collectibles from superhero blockbusters from the past two years: Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and The Dark Knight Rises.  We even offer these framed film cells that have clips from all three Dark Knight Trilogy movies.  




Each film clip is selected and hand-cut by the manufacturer from reels of actual film. Please note: film clips shown in these photos may not be the ones you will receive. 

Each one is either limited to 500 or 2500, double-matted, framed and have openings in the matting for each film clip so available light can make each clip can shine.  We even offer the option to purchase a back light with the framed collectible that you can plug in (and show off).  

When you order one, it will arrive via FedEx and will be ready to be framed in any room whether your bedroom, family room, home theater, man cave or your Fortress of Solitude.

They make a great gift for Dads, Grads and birthdays.

Each frame also comes with an embossed and foiled certificate of authenticity on the back. 


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