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Derek on March 15, 2014

Hi Adele.
Sorry but these are now discontinued.

Adele Spong on February 28, 2014

hi – Do you have these in stock anymore?
Thank you

Derek on March 23, 2010

Hi, Jenni.

If you check the product page for these rain boots, you will see we have updated their ETA. Western Chief Kids will not have them until mid-May (if all goes well) and we will not receive them from this company until later in May.

It’s taking so long because the company gets them shipped (literally) from China.

We’ve received your request for being notified by email when we get them and we’ll contact you.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Jenni on March 23, 2010

You say you’re out of stock until late march – any chance you’re getting more of these in soon? (specifically, sz 11)

Derek on March 04, 2010

Hi, Darlene.
You may have noticed that this was posted on our blog about 3 months ago and our inventory has turned over a few times in the Batman rain gear department since then.

You may have missed on the product page for these rain boots that we are currently out-of-stock for all sizes except size 2 until late March.

Thank you for contributing to our blog.


Darlene Scala on March 04, 2010


I am trying to order some Batman Rainboots in size 10 or 11. The message on this page says that you do have some in 11, but I am getting an error message when trying to add them to my cart. Are these available in either size?



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