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Looking For Super Hero Squad Party Supplies? Join Our Facebook Group

Simply Superheroes Blog | Looking For Super Hero Squad Party Supplies?

Or maybe you’re looking for Super Hero Squad t-shirts or costumes or baseball caps. Unfortunately none of these products are available yet.

We blogged about the dearth of SHS party supplies and we appreciate all of the responses we’ve received from this post.

To show our suppliers how much these products are in demand we have started a Facebook group that we are calling Where’s The Super Hero Squad Merchandise?

Please join the group by clicking on the link and post which Super Hero Squad products you want (party supplies, t-shirts, costumes, etc.)

With your help, we hope our suppliers and manufacturers will realize the demand and get the ball rolling.

We’ll provide you updates through the group and this blog when we learn what will become available.


Derek on August 15, 2010

To exchange links, please contact us via email:

AniDan12 on August 15, 2010

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Regina on April 22, 2010

I’ve found the super hero squad birthday supplies on but they won’t be available till June 15, 2010. Hopefully more places get it.

Nicole on March 22, 2010

My sons birthday is in late June, ill be checking back with you guys, feel free to email me!

Derek on February 25, 2010

We’ll have them in early June. We placed our order a month ago with our Hallmark sales rep. It’s shipped on a first come first serve basis and hopefully our shipment will come early in June.

Hope this helps.

brittany carpenter on February 25, 2010

i really want to know when the party supplies will become available my sons birthday is in july!!

Samantha on January 11, 2010

it would be really cool to have thoes super hero squad my son loves the super heros and it wouls be really cool if wecould throw his party theme of them

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