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Book Review: Wonder Woman Unbound By Tim Hanley

Dear (Any) Wonder Woman Screenplay Writer:

Congratulations on being selected by Warner Bros. to write this well-deserved movie about Wonder Woman.  You have a lot of pressure. A lot of expectations. And a lot of homework.  You probably want to go the David S. Goyer route by reading Wonder Woman comics before you write one film treatment. 

You probably don't have to read almost 70 years of her comic books (but if you do, you should make an appointment with your ophthamologist). To lighten your reading load consider reading Tim Hanley's Wonder Woman Unbound as a guide.  In the book you get to know William Moulton Marston and his purpose for Wonder Woman. He believed a matriarchal society would happen in just a matter of time.  And he had a fetish for bondage. He's so controversial you may be tempted to write your next screenplay about his life.  

And if you think the 2006 Superman movie re-boot was bad, get your hands on a Silver Age or Bronze Age Wonder Woman comic book.  Talk about epic fails!  After Marston died in 1947, they didn't know what to do with Wonder Woman for over 25 years...until Gloria Steinem came along and re-booted her for feminism.

And don't worry, Hanley doesn't just critique the comic books. He delves into the failed TV pilots and the success of the popular Lynda Carter TV show as well as the casting of Gal Gadot.  He covers everything except plot ideas for a Wonder Woman movie that stays true to her original roots while being relevant in today's world.  It's your job to figure out how to keep her original Amazonian roots while being relevant in today's world.  And good luck with this.  

Wonder Woman Unbound is a great read if you only know this famous superhero from the TV series, the Super Friends and her feminist re-incarnation.  She's had a long, strange trip to get where she is today and from reading Hanley's book, it's quite a ride.  



Derek Bacharach


P.S. If you want to keep up with Tim Hanley's critiques of Wonder Woman nowadays, read his blog Straitened Circumstances

original roots while being relevant in today's world


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