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Pre-Order Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume Bracelet Cuffs

Update: Shipping ETA has moved up from August 1st to October 1st.

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Complete your Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume with these licensed bracelet cuffs. They're made of zinc alloy with a gold finish. Since zinc alloy is a soft metal, they can easily fit onto most arms (unless you're quite young or if you have the strength of an Amazonian).  Each cuff is approximately 7 x 3 inches.  They come in a pair and they're priced at $23.99 with free shipping in the United States (like all of our products).  We expect these cuffs will begin shipping no later than August 1st (hopefully sooner).

You can pre-order these amazing cuffs on our website by clicking this link

These cuffs may not be the exact same ones that Lynda Carter wore for the Wonder Woman TV show in the Seventies.   If you would like to know how Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman bracelets worked on the show, click here to read our blog post about this. 

Any updates about this product and the shipping of this product will be provided here.

Here's a close-up:


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