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Introducing Marvel Superhero Nylon Tattoo Sleeves

I never considered myself a tattoo guy.  I don't like the idea of needles (read pain) and having something permanently inked into my skin is not my thing.

Even if someone was willing to pay me to get a tattoo, I wouldn't know what to get because it would be something I'd have for the rest of my...well, you get the idea.

I say all this because this post is about solving these issues. We now have Marvel Nylon Tattoo Sleeves that appear like your arm is fully tattoed.  

We have designs of your favorite Marvel Superheroes (click any of these images to go to their respective product page): 

Captain America


Incredible Hulk


Silver Surfer


Ghost Rider

How much can you save with these tattoo sleeves?

Let's do the math: 

Time it takes to get your arm fully tattooed at a tattoo parlor: 30-50 hours (depending on intricacy of artwork)

Time it takes to put on the nylon tattoo sleeve: less than 30 seconds

Cost of getting your arm fully tattooed by a tattoo artist: $500-$2,500 (again, depending on intricacy of artwork)

Cost of getting a Marvel Superhero Nylon Tattoo Sleeve: $6.99 with free U.S. shipping

Sounds convincing?

These sleeves are a one size fits most kind that's pre-packaged and can be used over and over again.

You get two different sleeve designs per order (one for each arm) and they should be a blast to wear, especially with your favorite shirt showing the same superhero on your arm.  

So now you can say you really wear your superhero on your sleeves!



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