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Photo of Upcoming Super Hero Squad Party Supplies

Simply Superheroes Blog | Photo Of Upcoming Super Hero Squad Party Supplies

If you are interested in purchasing Super Hero Squad Party Supplies from us starting in June, please click the button below. This will open an email for you to send to us that already has a subject line referencing this product. We’ll notify you when these party supplies become available.


Derek on February 08, 2010

Your best bet is to check your local Walmart. They have an exclusive on these party supplies until June.

Melanie on February 08, 2010

Any chance this product will be available by the end of March?

Derek on January 27, 2010

No problem, Patty.

Patty on January 27, 2010

please e-mail me upon arrival of super hero squad party supplies and invites.
thank you!!!

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