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75 Ways to Celebrate 75 Years Of Batman


1. Re-discover what got you into Batman - Was it a comic book? Read it again. Was it a movie? Watch it again

2. Wear your favorite Batman t-shirt today

3. Talk to your Batman friends about what they like about Batman

4. If you have a Batman costume, wear it today

5. Watch an episode of Batman: The Animated Series

6. Introduce Batman to somebody who doesn't know much about the Caped Crusader. The younger, the better!

7. Run--don't walk, to your local comic book store to see how they're celebrating today

8. Watch the 1966 Batman movie

9. Play a Batman Arkham video game - Asylum, City or Origins

10. Practice talking like Batman with Christian Bale's growl

11. Watch Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy

12. Buy one of 750 digital comic book issues of Batman today for 99 cents!

13. Read Detective Comics #27 online for free!

14. Always be yourself unless you can be Batman, Then Be Batman. Get this slogan on a t-shirt for $6.99 

15. Polish your batarangs if you have batarangs

16. Feast your eyes on this awesome 75-year timeline infographic on Batman

17. Pre-order the 1966 Batman TV series on blu-ray on Amazon: link

18. Buy a Batman t-shirt that acknowledges his birthday

19. Bake a Batman cake

20. Read The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

21. Watch the 1989 Batman movie

22. Rank your favorite Batman villains with your friends or here in the comments section

23. Go to Comic Con dressed as Batman

24. Help someone out as if you were Batman

25. Wear a Batman mask for at least part of the day, take a selfie and post it on Twitter with #batselfie

26. Tell your kids (or someone's kids) the significance of today

27. Have your butler perform surgery on you---nah

28. Listen (or download) one of the Hans Zimmer soundtracks to one of the Dark Knight Trilogy movies

29. Draw Batman (even if you can't)

30. Wear a pair of Batman socks with capes today

31. Donate to your local orphanage

32. Say to someone today - I'm Batman!

33Hang out in a cave, preferrably with bats

34. Join a Batman appreciation facebook group -- like this one 

35. Sleep in like you were up all last night going after bad guys

36. Discuss with your friends which is your favorite Robin

37. Wear a Batman button today

38. Be as prepared as Batman - do something for a just-in-case scenario

39. Watch an episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold

40. Stick your head out your window and yell, I Am Vengeance, I Am The Night, I Am Batman!

41. Meet with someone and when they're not looking, disappear

42. Follow @BatmanOfNight on Twitter -- his tweets are hilarious

43. Read a Batman comic book (or graphic novel) by Scott Snyder

44. Go to a local retail store and ask a sales person while pointing at something, Does this come in black?

45. Read the Batman entry in Wikipedia and see if you can add or learn something new from it

46. Print out this Batman connect-the-dot page and give it to a young fan

47. Say Happy Birthday to anyone dressed as Batman today

48. Watch an episode of The Superfriends

49. Play as Batman in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us and beat the crap out of Superman

50. Bookmark to stay updated on the latest info about the Caped Crusader

51. Read The Long Halloween graphic novel by Jeph Loeb

52. Design your own Batcave (if you don't have one)

53. Read up on how much Bill Finger contributed to Batman

54. Read a Batman story to your child at bedtime

55. Create your own Batman comic strip

56. Write a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises

57. Invite Batman to your next party

58. Attend a Batman-related panel at San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con

59. Read Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth by Grant Morrison

60. Top 25 Batman comics you should own

61. Watch Batman Returns

62. If you own Batman gauntlets, wear them while driving your car

63. Read The Art And Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy

64. Turn you child's plastic backyard pool into a Lazarus Pit

65. Watch the trailer for Gotham TV series

66. Fall asleep watching Batman Forever

67. Look up Jim Gordon on facebook and thank him for being a good cop after all these years

68. Read Year One by Frank Miller

69. Buy a replica of one of the Batmobile 

70. Play the LEGO Batman video game

71. Watch an episode of Batman Beyond

72. Get a Batman tattoo

73. Read Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns

74. Buy a LEGO Batman set and put it together

75. Add yours here in the comments section




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