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Top 10 DC Comics DVD Movies To Watch

Simply Superheroes Blog | Top 10 DC Comics <span class="caps">DVD</span> Movies To Watch

Are you shopping for a DC Comics Superhero DVD Movie? IGN Entertainment does a great job ranking the top 10 DC Comics superhero movies that either made a theatrical release or went straight to DVD. This article appeared on their website a couple days ago in sync with the DVD release of Justice League: A Crisis on 2 Earths. and here’s a review of this DVD.

Here is how the DC Movies ranked and for your convenience we have linked each movie to its product page here at Simply Superheroes along with a link to preview each movie:

10 Green Lantern: First Flight (preview)
9 Batman: Gotham Knight (preview)
8 Batman Vs. Dracula (preview)
7 Batman: Sub-Zero/Mystery Of Catwoman (preview Sub-Zero)
6 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (preview)
5 Superman: Doomsday (preview)
4 Justice League: The New Frontier (preview
3 Batman: Return Of The Joker (preview)
2 Wonder Woman (preview)
1 Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (preview)

Read the entire review article here.


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