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New Iron Man 2 Movie Poster, Fan Websites, And T-Shirts

Simply Superheroes Blog | New Iron Man 2 Movie Poster, Fan Websites and T-Shirts

Promotion for the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie is starting to heat up. More movie posters are becoming available such as the one above and two fan websites have become available. The first one is the Official Fan Kit which offers trailers, movie clips, downloads, and fan banners. There are a considerable number of features on this website (iPhone and Play Station applications, for istance) that are “coming soon” so stay tuned. The second website is Stark Expo 2010 that has information pertaining to the expo scenes in the upcoming movie as well as info on the 1974 Expo in the movie that features Tony Stark’s father, Howard. There are videos, photos and downloads. You can find both of these links on our Marvel Superhero Movie Release Dates page in our Library Resources.

And here are a couple of Iron Man 2 t-shirts we’ve just made available in kids sizes (4, 5/6, 7). To purchase one, click on the image of the shirt you like and this will take you directly to the shirt’s product page on our website.


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