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29 Marvel And DC Comics Superhero Movies Scheduled Through June 2020

With the announcement of Marvel Studios Phase 3, here's a look at all 29 of the superhero movies coming out by Marvel and DC Comics over the next five and a half years:


May 1st - Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Marvel)

July 17th- Ant-Man (Marvel)

August 7th - Fantastic Four (Marvel)


February 12th - Deadpool (Marvel)

March 25th- Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (DC Comics)

May 6th - Captain America: Civil War (Marvel)

May 27th - X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse (Marvel)

August 5th - Suicide Squad (DC Comics)

November 4th - Doctor Strange (Marvel)

November 11th - Sinister Six (Marvel)


TBA - Venom (Marvel)

March 3rd - untitled Wolverine sequel (Marvel)

May 5th - Guardians Of The Galaxy (Marvel)

June 23rd - Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

July 14th - Fantastic Four 2 (Marvel)

July 28th - Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel)

November 3rd - Black Panther (Marvel)

November 17th - Justice League - Part 1 (DC Comics)


TBA - Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Marvel)

March 23rd - The Flash (DC Comics)

May 4th - Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 (Marvel)

July 6th - Captain Marvel (Marvel)

July 27th - Aquaman (DC Comics)

November 2nd - Inhumans (Marvel)


April 5th - Shazam (DC Comics)

May 3rd - Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2 (Marvel)

June 14th - Justice League - Part 2 (DC Comics)


April 3rd - Cyborg (DC Comics)

June 19th - Green Lantern (DC Comics)


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