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About Us Page Now Updated

Below is our About Us page that is now updated:

When I was 3 years old, I wanted to be Superman. All day long I would wear my Superman outfit (read pajamas) which included a soft towel tied around my neck, and pretend I had Superman's powers. Then I discovered Batman. I would watch countless reruns of the 1960s television series on WPIX and dressed as the Caped Crusader on Halloween for years. 

As a Dad, I have been lucky to see my son take a superhero path of his own (Spider-Man then Batman), and to see him enjoy pretending he too had superpowers the way I did. 

What if there was a website that could foster a child's interest in superheroes through online activities and videos? 

What if people could buy things on this website so their kids would connect more to their favorite superhero? 

Since 2008, has been selling superheroes: apparel, accessories, household products, books, school supplies, party supplies, costumes, DVDs and posters. And more recently, superhero apparel for Moms and Dads. 

Besides these products, the website also offers a library to watch over 400 episodes of favorite superhero television shows and movie trailers. We also have a page we call fun stuff to watch fun superhero videos, play online superhero video games and print out coloring and connect-the-dot superhero pages. 

As a website, our mission is to give you the best information about superheroes, the best superhero products and the best customer service.


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