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New York Comic Con Recap

Simply Superheroes Comic Con Recap | Simply Superheroes Blog


The 2010 New York Comic Con came to a close yesterday, giving attendees a taste of what's to come in film, tv, comics and video games as well as satiating attendees' tastes in all the variations of today's pop culture.  While superheroes were on the scene thanks to the costumes of attendees and the giant banners of at the Marvel and DC Comics booths, there was so much more in the massive confines of the Jacob Javits Center: The New York Anime Festival, Manga, the small presses, the podcasts, Artists Alley, the video game competitions.  It was a wide slice of the entertainment industry under one roof.


We met some great people and spoke about Simply Superheroes on two comic book podcasts, took a lot of pictures (which you can view on our facebook page) and soaked in the atmosphere, including the dry ice effects at the Michael Jackson Wii game demo.

It was great family fun we recommend to all.




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