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Simply Superheroes Blog | Superheroes Coming To Tv and Sports

There are several superhero news stories worth sharing right now:  

Wonder Woman is coming back to television!  After more than 30 years, she's finally coming back to the "small screen."  David E. Kelly will be at the helm, writing the series.  We're thrilled that this will happen.  Of course, there will be a lot of comparison with the original series but at least we'll see the light of day for the Amazon Princess.

The next Superman movie has a director - Zack Snyder who directed 300 and Watchmen

ABC television network is now developing a new Incredible Hulk series.

     At the New York Comic Con, Marvel announced they will be teaming up with ESPN to promote the upcoming NBA season.  There will be 30 promo images including the one above that was revealed at the announcement.
    And if the NBA isn't enough, Stan Lee and Marvel will also be teaming up with the NHL to create a superhero for each hockey team in the league. "The Guardian Project" will be officially announced during half-time at the 2011 NHL All-Star Game.  Each Guardian superhero will have 5 superhero powers including one related to their team.


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