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Kudos to Wonder Woman Day

Kudos to Wonder Woman Day | Simply Superheroes Blog
Who would think a comic book store would have anything to do with a fund raiser for a local women's shelter.  But two of them do, as Wonder Woman Day for the fifth year, in Portland, OR and Flemington, NJ. 
Yesterday we went to the comic book store in Flemington, NJ called Comic Fusion to see how they've done this for the last five years.  Keep in mind, the owners of this store opted out of being a vendor at the New York Comic Con a couple of weekends ago to prepare for this event.  This decision earns our respect and admiration.

Combine a silent auction of dozens of Wonder Woman drawings and illustrations all over the store, a raffle for a bunch of great comic-book related items (including the DC Comics Superhero Pop-Up Book!), random door prizes, comic book artists in the back room drawing, and getting your picture taken with Wonder Woman, you're going to find a successful fund raiser. 
What also made this event work are the owners of the store and their dedicated staff for the event.  They're kid-friendly and enjoy conversing with customers both new and old.

We left, wondering why there aren't more comic book stores besides the one in Portland, why can't other businesses in Flemington and Portland get involved and why DC Comics is not more involved. 


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