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Hallmark Discontinues Super Hero Squad Party Supplies

Hallmark Discontinues Super Hero Squad Party Supplies | Simply Superheroes Blog  


Updated 4/23/13: We have Super Hero Squad party supplies back in stock!

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Original Post: For awhile we've known that Hallmark will discontinue Super Hero Squad party supplies on February 1st. Our rep informed us months ago that the big stores were not re-ordering them in the quantities Hallmark was expecting.  

It's hard to believe the demand has not been shown by customers.  What happened between the exorbitant prices people paid on the secondary market and the scrambles parents made to Wal-Mart Super Stores for these party supplies prior to their release in June to now? 

As we've said before on this blog regarding the discontinued Superman party supplies, the secondary market will see the Super Hero Squad party items supply diminish enough for prices to go up.  Though we don't think this will happen soon.  We expect these party supplies to be available online for the first half of this year without seeing any changes in prices or availability.  But starting in July, we expect to see the laws of supply and demand take over.



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