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2011 Toy Fair

2011 Toy Fair | Simply Superheroes Blog

We come to Toy Fair each year to meet reps from the companies we currently work with, begin new relationships with other companies and walk around eyeing the latest toys that will hit the market. 

This year, fortunately, a lot of these latest toys happen to be connected to upcoming summer superhero movies. Not surprisingly we were forbidden from taking photographs of almost all of these products such as Thor Hammer walkie-talkies, Green Lantern muscle costumes, and Captain America ipad cases. 

We could see that a lot is at stake for all three of these movies to be commercially successful.

Nevertheless we still reported what we saw if you follow our twitter feed and we took several photos (see all of them on our facebook page).

The one booth we took copious notes in our head was at Mattel's booth.  We saw a bunch of soon-to-be-released Green Lantern action figures (April 1st).  Each includes a green lantern ring that flashes temporarily.  There were GL toys that transferred from one vehicle to the next (a la Transformers), including one that is activated with the ring that's included with the set.  We also liked the numerous attachments included with several action figure toys that could be attached to the fist of a green lantern ring-bearer.  These attachments looked like small extension cords with an oversized fist or something else pertaining to the action figure character.

Overall a fun experience...with our fingers crossed.



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