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Introducing DC Comics Tapestry Posters

Introducing DC Comics Tapestry Posters | Simply Superheroes Blog When I started liking the rock group Rush in the early 1980s, I was determined to find (and purchase) as many posters of my favorite band to decorate my bedroom walls.  The only problem with reaching this goal was a lack of space.   

One day I received an offer in the mail by the Rush "Backstage" Fan Club that I couldn't refuse.  I had to buy a certain amount of merchandise to get something for free on a first come, first serve basis.  One of the things I decided to buy was a tapestry poster.  It was enormous and I had no idea where to hang it.  The back of my door was too narrow and my parents wouldn't have been thrilled if I had covered up one of my windows.  

So I had to be creative: I stood on my bed and thumb-tacked the corners of the tapestry to my ceiling.  Right afterwards, I looked up from my bed as if I was going to sleep and knew this was the best decision for the tapestry.  I went to bed every night for years looking up at my music heroes, frozen in performance.  This tapestry became one of my favorite Rush memorabilia.  My only regret is I never got to share how I decorated my room with this tapestry via the internet since it was not around yet.


This memory hit me when our first shipment of DC Comics tapestry posters arrived from LPG International.  They included a sample to check out which convinced me to blog about my first tapestry.  We're thrilled to be offering your favorite DC superheroes on these silk-like posters.  

They're sheer, long-lasting and won't tear like a paper poster.  Hang them from your ceiling like I did or just the top corners from your ceiling to get a cool banner look.  You can even hang one on the back of your door (where I couldn't).  They make a great gift for young (or not so young) superhero fans. 


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