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Our Footer Toolbar

Our Footer Toolbar | Simply Superheroes Blog Recently we have added a toolbar at the bottom of the website that offers visitors a chance to utilize social media tools and a few other things. 

Instantly, you can "like" our website and become a fan of our facebook page without having to leave our website.  We also provide a link on the toolbar to go directly to our facebook page.

You can also tweet about our website to share with your followers and you can also click the twitter link to go directly to our twitter feed.

You can share our website by clicking the red plus button on the far left side.  This pops open a number of options: facebook, twitter, reddit, gmail, email and print.

On the right side, there is a "Contact Us" link if you have a question about anything on our website, a translate button that allows you to view the website in other languages and an RSS feed link to allow you to subscribe to this blog and we also added a link to donate to Japan.

A final feature is having the ability to share any product image, using facebook, twitter, gmail, email or print simply by hovering your mouse pointer over a product image and the option to share it becomes available.  

We hope you will like these features, to make sharing our website easier.  We're just trying not to keep our website a secret.


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