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Movie Review of X-Men: First Class

Movie Review of X-Men: First Class | Simply Superheroes Blog


X-Men: First Class is a great movie we highly recommend.  Even if you have never seen an X-Men movie (four movies have been made already), this film is a great way to be introduced to the characters.  It's a movie which is not difficult to follow and not that violent.  

Even though the movie is rated PG-13, we saw a good number of kids who looked younger than the minimum age in the theater.  If your child wants to see this movie (and is at least 10), have them see the trilogy with you so they can understand the characters and appreciate what they'll be seeing in the theater with you.

We bought our tickets ahead of time and paid $12 for a darn good 2-D movie.  After seeing the movie, we would say our movie ticket was worth at least $10.  Overall it's a pretty cool story.  Separate plot lines at the beginning come together well and soon the Cuban Missle Crisis is underway with Sebastian Shaw (played by Kevin Bacon) trying to control everything.  

Watching the members of First Class learn how to hone their powers was a joy to watch - the evolution of Beast, the control issues for Banshee and Havok, the identity issues for Mystique.  And don't forget the bad guys - Kevin Bacon has mutant tricks up his sleeve, Riptide and his tornadoes, and the chaos coming from Azazel.  

What caused the most friction among the mutants is how they make sense about their place in society: Xavier, Erik, Beast, Mystique, even Sebastian. 

While Kevin Bacon does a great acting job as the antagonist Sebastian Shaw, we were sold on Magneto.  Why? It's hard not to like quality bad guys in movies like Darth Vader, The Joker, and most recently, Loki.  Even though this movie is about Erik's counterpart Charles Xavier and the mutants who are guided by his encouragement and mentoring, we were fascinated by the future bad guy of the X-Men. We left the movie wanting to know more about what Magneto will do next than what happens next at Xavier Institute.  We wanted to be like Charles Xavier in order to get into the mind of someone who wants something really badly and doesn't want anything or anyone to get in his way.


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