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July Raffle Winners & Vacation Dates

Raffle Winners & Vacation Dates | Simply Superheroes Blog Congratulations to Tara from Tennessee who won our $25 discount code. Anyone who made a purchase on our website last month qualified for our raffle. We totaled all the orders and used to determine the winner. We have this monthly raffle at the beginning of each month and all paying customers from the previous month qualify. 

Congratulations also goes to our Facebook fan Dallas from Oregon who won our $15 discount code. At the beginning of each month we add up all the likes, dislikes and comments from the previous month and go to the website to pick a winner. Join our facebook page and get involved to qualify for this raffle. Congrats and Happy Shopping to both of our winners!

 As you can see from the red bar going across the top of our website, we're going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow (Woo-Hoo!) and will be checking emails, voicemail and our website remotely during that time.  If you want to place an order before we start packing, please put in your order before 3PM EST today...pretty please?

If you place your order after 3PM today, we will not be able to ship out your order until Monday, August 15th.


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