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Batman: Arkham City panel at NYCC

Batman: Arkham City panel at NYCC | Simply Superheroes Blog  

The first panel of the 6th annual New York Comic Con was a great kick-off.  Somehow the huge line of game player fans fit into the IGN Theater where Claudio Sanchez, Kevin Conroy and the two makers of the game discussed what it was like to top one of the most successful video games ever made.

Arkham City was hatched from what was left on the shelf when they made Arkham Asylum.  When asked how they put together the music, dialogue and sound effects to make Arkham City, the tinkering could have lasted "forever."  

While the panel focused on the video game, many of the audience were there to be in the same room as Kevin Conroy.  He told the audience how Adam West was "such a gentleman" when they first met, giving Conroy the encouragement to have fun with being the voice of Batman.  Conroy talked about how he was selected to be that voice.  The studio was trying different voices for Batman when Conroy was starting out and what made Conroy stand out was not so much his voice but the response from the television audience and he humbly thanked the audience for helping him stick with the voice.  He didn't hold back.  Even when he was introduced, he gave his trademark "I Am Batman!" and the crowd roared.
One treat was a live game demo.  The lights dimmed and we got to see something like this:

Too bad our Android smartphone didn't have the zoom feature to it.  We didn't record a spoiler involving Joker that we think you'll enjoy.

Another treat was the giveaways: CD soundtracks, a Arkham City XBox Batarang controller and the grand prize: an XBox console with an Arkham City skin.  We were asked to look under our seats to find either an envelope or a CD.  While we didn't win, it was a fun panel to whet your gaming appetite.


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