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New Products: Batman & Superman Foldable Storage Bins & Laundry Baskets

With college students returning back to school, we've got two new products that's perfect for any dorm room: Superman and Batman foldable storage bins and laundry baskets.  

The storage bins are 10.5 inches all around and include metal eyelets for easy carrying.  They can be folded or stacked when you buy a few.  They're made of polyester and polypropylene and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.  The fun part about these storage bins is the choices.  For the Batman Storage Bin, there are eight different styles including the classic logo on black, the classic logo on gray and blue as well as the classic logo in purple.  Take a look:

For the Superman Storage Bin, there are four choices including the classic logo on royal blue.


They are priced at $23.99 for one and are discounted the more of these you buy.  If you buy four, they are reduced to $17.99 each.  

The laundry bins are similar in material to the storage bins but they're nearly two feet tall.

The Batman Folding Laundry Bin has 10 variations to match your decor:

 And there are 7 variations of the Superman Folding Laundry Basket:

 These new laundry baskets are $34.99 each and include Free U.S. Shipping.  


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