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iteedaily - Your Daily Dose Of Licensed Tees And Now Cardboard Standups

Since October we have been running a clothing website called which sells an officially licensed shirt design pertaining to Cartoons, Comics, Movies, TV Show, Music or Pop Icons.  For 24 hours a shirt is on sale and available in multiple sizes and styles from infant onesies to mens pullover hoodies (depending on the license).  After 24 hours the shirt design can be found at iteedaily's regular price in the Past Tees pull-down menu on the top of the website under a collection pertaining to the shirt: Comics, Cartoons, Music, TV Shows, or Pop Icons.

From Simply Superheroes home page, you can visit iteedaily by clicking the Our Daily T-Shirt Site link.

Along with this shirt of the day deal each day, iteedaily now offers Cardboard Standups of popular entertainment licenses in the categories of Movies, Cartoons, Music, Video Games and Pop Icons.  In the near future, look for standups of characters of TV Shows as well as politicians, historical figures, animals, geographic locations, holiday figures, dinosaurs, automobiles, sports (MMA, UFC, WWE) and stand-ins.  

All Star Wars, Marvel and DC Superheroes will only be available on Simply Superheroes while everything but these superhero-related standups will be on iteedaily. 




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