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How To Create A Great Superman Sleepover Party

This is written by guest blogger Adam Reimer.


I don’t think there is a single boy in the world who doesn’t love the Man of Steel.  That’s why Superman sleepover birthday parties are some of the most popular themed parties around.  They are also some of the most fun to prepare.  With just a little bit of creativity, you can throw your kids the best Superman party.

While Superman party supplies are discontinued by Hallmark until the new movie is released next year, here are some great suggestions you can use to make a Superman sleepover party happen.


For games, start with a Superman or Lex Luthor Pinata.  This is a cool idea.  Find a Superman or Lex Luthor pinata and stuff it with things that Lex would have on himself:  red and green rock candy resembling kryptonite, chocolate coins and bubble gum dollar bills as well as other fun accessories that come in candy form.  You can even throw in a few real dollar bills into the piñata for extra fun!  

Superman Video Game Contest 

 If you have a game player, buy the new Superman game and have each child sign up for a 20 minute time slot.  Whomever gets furthest in the game wins a prize.  If it’s a sleepover party, you could also give away Superman Pajamas which will make the night even more fun. 

If you do not have a Superman video game, we offer 3 free video games on our website: The Superman Returns game, Superman Returns Stop! Press!, and Metropolis Defender.

Make Your Own Kryptonite Favors 

Start by purchasing “Make Your Own Rock Candy” kits.  They’re fun for everyone and easy to do.  They make the perfect party favor and you can buy them in colors like red and green for Kryptonite.  


Superman Relay Race  

To help get the kids tired enough for bed, there is nothing better than a lot of running around.  What you can do is have a Superman-themed relay race or obstacle course where they have to leap the highest (or at least over something), run the fastest (or at least beat a certain time) or pretend to save someone from near-death by having them bob for apples with faces carved on them.  Then when you have a winning team you can give each of them Superman iron-on patch or magnet.



One thing that is always fun for these parties are food.  Not only can you get creative, but because Superman is red and blue, you can easily get everything you need and make it very inexpensive.  Consider the importance of getting big and strong from eating healthy foods.


Some popular drinks for Superman themed parties are red fruit punch and blue fruit punch.  You can also red and blue huggies drinks. Another fun thing to do is to take red food coloring and blue food coloring and color in soda water or regular water for the kids. 


Many craft stores sell large diamond shaped cookie cutters.  All you need after are the edible printable cookie toppers or to create a pattern for the Superman emblem.  You just smoothly place on the yellow icing and when it dries you use the pattern for the red pattern over top of it.  


Superman parties are some of the most fun parties for kids.  Not only do the kids love to pretend to be their favorite superhero, but they also get to feel like they have superpowers for a night.  You can even let them go to sleep with a Superman night light  to help them feel safe.  


About Adam Reimer
Adam is an events blogger who enjoys everything from showtunes to cooking and eating out.  His passion for food and entertainment helps to ensure that he can always plan and provide a unique and memorable party or event. 


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