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New Arrival: Superman Socks With Capes



Back in December, Robert Griffin III of Baylor University wore the 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner and introduced the world to our newest arrival: Superman Socks With Capes.  He wore them at the ceremony and before winning the trophy, he spoke a little about being a fan of superheroes in this video below (at around :43) and showed off these awesome socks.

Soon after this ceremony, these socks sold out everywhere.  Luckily, we now have them in stock!  

These socks are made of 80% acrylic, 17% polyester and 3% spandex.  They are suitable for anyone 14 years or older and can be pulled up to one's knees.  Laundry instructions are provided on the packaging (don't worry, they do not have to be hand-washed).

We also have available Batman Socks With Capes as well as Wonder Woman Socks With Capes.


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