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Buy A DVD, Get A Free Batman Arkham City Keychain

While supplies last, you can get a free Batman Arkham City keychain with a purchase of any DVD or Blu-Ray on our website. 

Here is a sample of what we offer:

You will have a choice between two Batman Arkham City keychains: Batarang or the Bat-Signal Projection Light

Both of these keychains are very hard to find and are great collector's items for any Batman or Batman Arkham City fan.


The Batman Arkham City Batarang keychain (above) is 2.75 inches (7 cm) wide and 1.5 inches (3 cm) tall.  (Please note: you will receive one of these, even though 3 of these keychains are in the above photo)  It is made of metal and has the Arkham City styled logo of the word Batman and the letters are raised.  Keychain comes in its own packaging.  We estimate this keychain is worth approximately $20.

The other keychain you can choose from is the Bat-Signal Projection Light keychain (above) that has the Batman Arkham City logo on it.  The light is 3 inches (8 cm) long and comes with cell batteries (3 x 1.5V3 (LR41) that need to be re-adjusted for the keychain to work.  Directions for the batteries are on the back of the packaging.  These batteries are replaceable.  We estimate this keychain is also worth approximately $20.  

Here's what the Bat Signal looks like when you turn it on:

How To Get This For Free

To get either one of these (tough choice, right?) for free: 

Purchase any Superhero DVD on our website.  On the shopping cart page, you will find a text box that is used for specific shipping instructions or for a gift note.  Please write in this textbox which keychain you want.  Please write either "Batarang" or "Projection Light." If you do not have a preference, write "keychain" and we will give you whichever we have the most of.

You can purchase other products along with a DVD and still receive a keychain for free.

We will not give away this keychain for any purchase other than ones that includes a DVD from our website.


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