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Super Hero Squad Party Supplies - Why So Hard To Find?



Updated 2/14/13:

Luckily we've been able to get more of some of these rare party supplies.  They are available on our Super Hero Squad Party Supplies collection. 


Original post:

You may be on the hunt for Super Hero Squad birthday party supplies right now.  Have you noticed they are a little hard to find?  You may find invitations on one site, dinner plates on another and the happy birthday banner on another.  You may be frustrated that you cannot buy all the party supplies of Super Hero Squad you want for your child's party on one website.  And none of the big box stores like Target or Wal-Mart carry these party supplies either.  In other words, what the heck happened?

A few things.  Hallmark announced in the beginning of January of 2010 they would offer Super Hero Squad party supplies later in the year.  (June, I believe)  But months before the release, there were sightings of Super Hero Squad party supplies at select Wal-Mart Super Stores across the country.  

So the chase was on.  We set up a facebook group called "Where's The Super Hero Squad Merchandise?" in which there were reportings of the party supplies at Wal-Mart Super Stores in different parts of the country.  In addition, people sold these supplies on ebay for profit. 

In June, Hallmark released all the SHS party supply products and everyone was happy.  You could get them anywhere from big box stores to online websites.  


Then it got weird.  The most popular party supply item, the cardboard masks, were back-ordered within months of the June release and stayed at this status for months until a big order from a large company decided not to re-order.  Once we had the party masks back in stock, orders returned to a steady flow.

Then in November, our Hallmark rep told us the Super Hero Squad party supplies would be discontinued by early 2011.  Huh?  We learned a big box company (or two?) decided not to re-order.  So in other words, the lifespan of a party supplies design is based on the number of times a company with big pockets will re-order.  

And because there were no big re-orders, Hallmark pulled the plug on Super Hero Squad.  This meant that customers were going elsewhere than the big box stores to find these party supplies.  Perhaps people were shopping for these online since they weren't able to get them anywhere except online (ie, ebay) before they were released.

Then it got better.  We (as well as a few other websites) were offered the opportunity to buy what was left of these party supplies after they were officially discontinued (February 28, 2011).  

And since March of last year, we've been selling these party supplies like a few other online stores until our supplies have dried up.  So this explains why one website has one SHS party supply item and another one doesn't. 


Derek on March 19, 2012

Sorry to read what you went through Tiffanie. Driving around looking for these party supplies when trying to plan for a birthday party must have been quite tough.

Tiffanie Jaramillo on March 19, 2012

I recently had this problem I threw a super hero party for my twin boys who couldn’t decide one character theme only to find after driving all over houston and calling all of houston tx that ever only place you could get them was online which was really difficult cause I had to order from 4 different sites didn’t know why now I do WISH there was something we could do don’t they know superheros will always be wanted by lil kids all lil kids want to be a super hero at one poin…..

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