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Superhero News For The Week Ending 5/4/12

It's a great day to be a fan of superheroes. The Avengers movie has been released in North America after pulling in over $260M overseas. Today, being May the 4th, is also known as Star Wars Day ( May The Fourth Be With You) and we have new trailers that will be shown in theatres prior to the viewing of The Avengers: Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. 

The Avengers is a game-changer in the movie industry: for the first time a movie has brought together storylines from _four_ different movies. Since Stan Lee, Marvel has been referencing previous comic book issues in their current comic book storylines and, so to speak, "the Marvel way" of continuity has successfully transcended to the silver screen. Last night, the third official Amazing Spider-Man trailer was released:

And a few days ago, the third official Dark Knight Rises trailer was released:

Earlier this week, a fan on our facebook page pointed out there is a viral website related to the Amazing Spider-Man that has to do with how to create your own web shooter

There was some provocative what-ifs related to Robert Downey Jr's role as Iron Man. Marvel (Kevin Feige) believes if Downey stepped down as Tony Stark, other actors could take over the role and turn Iron Man into a James Bond character. Our facebook page fans cried foul over this and so did Downey when asked about this

In other news, as we have stated here before, The Avengers closed the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC earlier this week. The cast honored the First Responders of 9/11 in a touching tribute prior to the screening

We'll finish this segment with a funny video of what happens if you hire the Christopher Nolan Batman to appear at your kid's party


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