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Superhero News For The Week Ending 5/18/12

The Avengers movie has turned into a juggernaut. It broke the box office record for the highest sophomore weekend, eclipsed $1 Billion earlier this week and is ranked 9th on the all-time list of movies for ticket sales...all before going into its third weekend in North America.

Along with these ticket sales, it turns out Robert Downey, Jr. will be getting a piece of the revenue pie based on how he worked his contract. He's already getting $50 Million(!)

Speaking of Avengers, a video game is in the works by Ubisoft.

There were some gems from the **Amazing Spider-Man** that came out this week.

There was a profile vignette about Dr. Curt Connors who becomes The Lizard:

And on Tuesday we got a 4-minute preview of the movie:

One last item regarding Spider-Man: there's a great interview with the actor who played our favorite web-slinger during the Seventies hit TV series, Nicholas Hammond.

Adding to Iron Man 3's cast, James Badge Dale has been added. He will play the character Eric Saven in the movie.

Well wishes this week goes to George Lucas for turning 68 on Monday and Chris Hemsworth for becoming a father of a girl.

The next DC Comics straight-to-video movie will be Superman Vs. The Elite. Here's its first clip:

For the Dark Knight Rises, they are teaming up with Mountain Dew as part of their promotional campaign. Another team up is the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. team. You can vote on the Dark Knight Rises design to go on his race car for an upcoming race.

For Thor 2, it's been confirmed that the actor Idris Elba (Heimdall) will be returning.

Here's the first clip from the new Arrow series that will debut on CW this fall:

Before The Dark Knight Rises is released, the "Tumbler Tour" of the Batpod and Bat Tumbler has embarked on its North American tour. Click here for photos of these two famous Bat vehicles.

And the last item we'll end with is a mash-up between audio from the lastest Dark Knight Rises trailer and Batman: The Animated Series:


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