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Cartoon Review - Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Title: Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Broadcast information: Cartoon Network, Fridays, 8PM

Episode Duration: 30 minutes

Episode Title: Enter The Outsiders

Synposis: The episode begins with a vignette involving a villain maneuvering a giant spider-like contraption through the city and is defeated by Batman and another superhero, B’Wana Beast, who can take two or more living creatures such as a spider and a horse and morph them into one.

After the introduction, the plot begins with Wildcat, a former superhero who now runs a boxing gym. Batman is notified that “The Outsiders” are wreaking havoc at a nearby mall and they pursue these three teenagers, who each have a superpower. The five fight until the Outsiders retreat to the subway.

After a chase, they continue to battle until the teenagers disappear. Batman finds a secret entrance to the hide-out of the Outsiders, who are led by a large Jabba-The-Hut-like character called Slug.

On their way into the secret area, Batman and Wildcat are captured, drugged by gas and get tied-up and hung upside down in order to be lowered into a pit full of hungry, giant snapping turtles. But soon our heroes save the day with an ending that involves the defeat of the Slug, a close-to-death experience of Wildcat and the acceptance of the Outside teenagers.

Analysis: It’s no wonder this show is broadcast as late as 8pm on Friday nights. Parents won’t have the excuse of saying it’s a school night if they don’t record the show on a DVR or VHS.

When Batman referred to Wildebeast’s powers as “unorthodox,” I explained what the word meant to my six-year old son as we watched this together. He found a few of the lines funny like when Wildcat called Slug a “sweaty meatball.”

The episode’s scariest moment for my son was the near-death scene of Wildcat who has a heart attack near the end of the episode. One of the teenagers revives Wildcat by acting like a defibrillator. This was a good moment to explain to Jordan the benefits of an electrical charge for someone who goes into cardiac arrest.

When I asked Jordan if he wanted to see this show again, he said yes. But when I asked if he would want to see the next episode by himself, he did not want to.

Overall it’s an entertaining show to watch Batman in action and because the viewer is introduced to a different superhero who fights the bad guy(s) with Batman. But there may be situations that can be scary to a young viewer or difficult to understand. We don’t recommend this cartoon for children under five years of age. And unless the child is at least 8 years old, a parent is recommended to watch as well.

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