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Our Library Is Now Open

Our library is now open! We have wikipedia links to all of the superheroes that we showcase on our website and over 100 videos that covers seven decades of visual media from movie serials to television to animation dvds.
  • See Robin drive the batmobile in the 1943 Batman movie serial.
  • Learn how Captain America is discovered after being frozen for decades.
  • Show your children the superhero shows you watched as a child.
  • Watch for the first time pilots of superhero television shows you never saw before.
  • See Spidey on The Electric Company.
  • Get a glimpse at upcoming movies and dvd releases like Wolverine, Hulk Vs. and the Iron Man animation series.

We consider this a work in progress and will continue to expand our library to include more videos, more superheroes and more information for your viewing enjoyment.

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