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Introducing Vehicle Vinyl Decals And How To Install Them



We are introducing these new vehicle vinyl decals you can apply to your set of wheels whether on the window or any place that's a flat surface.  We are beginning with two Batman designs in a shiny chrome design, Batman Classic and Batman Begins.  They should last for years on your car and will support your claims that you drive a Batmobile.

To get started, we recommend applying one of these stickers when the air temperature is between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wherever you're going to apply the decal, we recommend cleaning the targeted surface.  Don't go overboard on this. Just soap and water. Avoid any waxes, oils or anything like Rain-X.

Dry the area completely, make sure that there is no soap left on the surface.

Next, spray a very fine mist of water over the mounting surface.

Remove the solid color backing from the translucent transfer backing. (You will not see the decal through the backing side of the decal.)  Keep the decal on the translucent transfer backing.

Carefully apply the decal to the surface where it is to be mounted.  You don't have to be perfect with this.  The fine mist of water will allow you to move the decal in the spot you want.

Use a credit card or something similar to remove any air bubbles and all the water from under the decal. Start from the center to the edge of the decal.

Once you have all the water out from under the vinyl, slowly remove the translucent backing from the decal. If the decal lifts with the transfer paper, it means not all the water is out from under the decal.  If this is the case, press the decal back down and move the credit card object across the decal some more until you have all the water removed.

You may have air bubbles in the decal once it's applied to the targeted surface. Use a soft towel to remove any air bubles, working from the center.  Sometimes air bubbles can be removed by lightly rubbing the towel over the graphic to gently warm the decal.  Just don't try lifting the edges of the decal.  This just causes more air bubbles.

After 24 hours, look for air bubbles.  If there are any, poke a hole (with something like a sewing needle) in the middle of each air bubble and squeeze the air bubble out through the hole.

If you wish to remove your decal, carefully peel it off and use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth to remove any adhesive residue.  To make it easier to peel off, try using a blow-dryer or fabric steamer. This will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove.


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