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Wonder Woman Party Supplies - Where Are They?


Updated 4/10/13: We are sold out of the Wonder Woman cupcake rings.

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We get a lot of requests for Wonder Woman party supplies -- cups, plates, napkins, party favor packs, you name it.  Unfortunately Hallmark (the company that has the license to make them) will not unless Warner Bros. produces a Wonder Woman movie.  This is how Green Lantern and Thor got their own party patterns.  In other words, movie=horse, party pattern=cart.

One possibility to see Wonder Woman on any party supply pattern is a Justice League movie with the Amazon Princess in the movie.  One other (remote) possibility is a party pattern consisting of a group of female DC Comics superheroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl (and maybe even Catwoman and Harley Quinn).  Though this is less of a possibility if there's no movie about them.  

In the meantime we offer (for a limited time) Wonder Woman cupcake rings for decoration and a set of five square Wonder Woman Stickers as a party favor and for young superhero fans, Wonder Woman Amazing Powers Board Book and Wonder Woman Princess Of The Amazing Board Book.


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