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Sneak Peek: Man Of Steel & Batman TV Series Costumes From Rubies

Update (2/28/13) 12AM EST: Man Of Steel costumes will be available in late April.  No date yet has been determined for 1966 Batman TV Series since Warner Bros. has not approved the costumes yet.  Based on other 1966 Batman TV Series merchandise being shown online on other websites, we think these costumes will be available this summer.


Update (2/27/13) 12PM EST: Unfortunately, it was brought to our attention that the watermarked images of the costumes from The Man Of Steel and the 1966 Batman TV Series have not been approved yet by Warner Bros. and we have been asked to have them removed.  Once we have official release dates from Rubies for when these images can be shown online, we will show these images again.


Rubies Costumes has given us permission to show these licensed costumes from Man Of Steel movie and the 1966 Batman TV Series.  From Man Of Steel, Rubies only provides images of Superman. Images of costumes and costume accessories of General Zod and Faora are not available yet.  They have also introduced a new collections called DC Comics Super Villains. 

For the 1966 Batman TV Series, Rubies did something different.  They are only offering Grand Heritage adult costumes for this collection.  No muscle chest costumes, no classic style costumes , and no child costumes. We think this is a good idea.  Our favorite is Catwoman. 

Next are six costumes from their new DC Comics Super Villains collection.  We were most surprised by their inclusion of Scarecrow.  Take a look:


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