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Simply Superhero News For The Week Ending 3/1/13



This was quite a busy week in superhero news.  To begin, actor Chris Cooper has been cast as Green Goblin/Norman Osborne for Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It is being filmed in different parts of New York City.  The first images for this movie came from showing Spidey's new suit for the movie:


Then the set photos showed up on line like these: 

Speaking of set photos, there was one for The Wolverine movie that was tweeted by the director:

From the t-shirt daily deal websites, our favorite superhero t-shirt came from for this Harley Quinn tee called Hey Puddin'.


 A few auctions ended last weekend.  The Amazing Spider-Man comic book cover drawn by John Romita Sr sold for over $286,000 and Detective Comics #27 (Batman's debut) with a CGC grade of 6.5 sold for over $567,000.

Also last weekend, Anne Hathaway won Best Actress In A Supporting Role for her performance in Les Miserable.  In her acceptance speech, we thought it was cool to see Catwoman thank Wolverine.

A couple of Batman infographics turned up recently that's worth noting.  Rather than posting them here (since they're quite long), here's the link for The History of Batman's suit and the other is The Cost of Being Batman

Before there were infographics online, there were a lot of cool, informative images.  Even about superheroes, such as what's inside Batman's classic utility belt.  Take a look:


This summer Peavey Electronics will be making DC Comics musical instruments like this Superman electric guitar.


For Iron Man 3, we saw Tony Stark on a new international poster and a magazine cover.

 In product news, we were given permission by Rubies Costumes to show images of upcoming Man Of Steel, 1966 Batman TV Show costumes as well as DC Comics Super Villains. We blogged about these costumes here but it turns out there was a miscommunication at Rubies and we had to take down all but the DC Comics Super Villains images.

In the world of Batman comics, there's a Major spoiler about an upcoming episode.  We revealed the spoiler on our facebook page accidentally and, obviously, we do not want to do that again. Read about it here.

Also related to Batman is the release date of the upcoming direct-to-DVD movie of LEGO Batman The Movie: DC Superheroes Unite.  The date will be 5/21/13.



Lastly we found some videos worth sharing, one old and two new. First up is a recent fan-made Wonder Woman trailer:

The newest dance-craze video upload is Harlem Shuffle, here's a LEGO Avengers version. Check out Captain America in this one:

And lastly we'll leave you with this hilarious NSFW Spider-Man parody by Jack Black before the MTV awards. Have a good weekend.


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