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Pre-Order Western Chief Kids Superman Forever Raincoats, Rain Boots & Umbrellas



Update 4/24/13: The umbrellas and rain boots in sizes 5 through 12 are now in stock.

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Western Chief Kids has re-booted their Superman rain gear design and we are accepting pre-orders for all three products!  These will become available starting in June so kids can wear these if it rains when they head to their local movie theaters to see The Man Of Steel.  

Let's take a closer look at the new raincoat design and compare it to the previous design.

The original Superman raincoat is on the left.  As you can see, the new design is darker blue.  The logo coincides with The Man Of Steel movie design.  Like the original, the new design has a yellow S logo on the back of the cape.  This Superman Forever raincoat comes in the same sizes as the original -- 2T, 3T, 4T, 4/5, 5/6 and 6/6X -- and will be available to ship in mid-July.


The difference between the original Superman rain boots and the new Superman Forever design is more apparent.  The new design takes out Superman completely and the colors now complement the raincoat design with the dark blue and the new movie logo.  Another difference in the design is the side of the boot.  It no longer continues along the sides of the boots.  Instead, the design stops and is met with the same black as the soles of the boot.  These Superman Forever rain boots will be available to ship early June and are available in sizes 6-13 and 1-4.

The umbrella design has gone through the same transformation as the rain boot.  The design of the original Superman umbrella was divided by the panels of fabric, showing Superman, his logo and the words Man Of Steel.  It's a bit ironic that these last words were taken out of the new design even though the upcoming movie has the same title.  The new design is all logo, being nearly all red except for the handle and the rib tips.  This Superman Forever umbrella will be available to ship in mid-June.

Even with this simplified design, we think this new Superman Forever design will be a hit with kids when it rains and will be the envy of older Superman fans everywhere.

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