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Simply Superhero News For The Week Ending 3/15/13



This has been quite an active week in superhero news.

For the New York Comic Con (Oct 10-13) if you want to get a 4-day pass or VIP tickets, now is the time to make your purchase.  (We hope to see you there at our booth).

Marvel made a splash and a crash at SXSW last weekend by announcing 700 free digital comic books.  The digital comic book website portal Comixology received so much traffic from this announcement that it crashed their site and they had to pull the offer by Tuesday due to the overwhelming demand.

Later in the week, Marvel announced a live arena tour featuring their superheroes.  The tour is scheduled to begin next year.

Circulating around the web is an Italian graphic designer's interpretation of what could superheroes look like if they were branded by corporations like this:

For the Amazing Spider-Man 2, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that this movie is the biggest film production ever in New York State.  The movie will create 3,500 jobs and will include 11,000 extras.  There will be production studios in Long Island, Brooklyn and upstate New York.  Here are a couple of recent photos taken from the set:


In casting news for X-Men: Days Of Future Past, it seems like almost the entire cast of the original X-Men trilogy will be returning for this film such as Halle Berre as you can see here during her recent appearance on the Tonight Show:


The one actor who will not be returning is Alan Cumming who played Nightcrawler.  You can read about it here.

If you're excited about the new X-Men coming out, you're probably even more psyched for The Wolverine to be released this summer.  Diamond Collectibles has released an image of The Wolverine action figure that will be available this fall:


DC Comics just started a new blog for families called the DC Comics Fan Family.  

In Batman news, comic book writer Scott Snyder announced he will be working on a new storyline that focuses on how Batman's early years called Zero Year.

Late yesterday we saw the release of a promo image for the upcoming CGI animated series Beware The Batman:

Watch this video of a blacksmith making a real batarang.  He has made props for a lot of Hollywood action movies includes a couple of Batman films:

 In a move that thrilled some of our facebook fans, Nicholas Cage has decided call it quits as The Ghost Rider.

Total Film magazine's current issue shows Henry Cavill and Amy Adams posing in character for the first time on its cover:

Check out this life-sized LEGO Superman built with 18,000 LEGO bricks and weighing over 100 pounds:


Lucasfilms announced a March Madness type of tournament called This Is Madness in which you vote for your favorite heroes and villains in a March Madness bracket tournament.  Here's the video introduction by Vader:


Here is the bracket for This Is Madness:


Happy Birthday to Sir Michael Caine who celebrated his 80th yesterday.

Our favorite superhero t-shirt design of the week is from for this Joker Godfather design:

And finally, here's a hilarious NSFW video of Batman appearing in famous movie scenes


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