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Simply Superhero News For The Week Ending 3/22/13


If you subscribe to Netflix Instant, you're in superhero luck.  By the end of March you will be able to watch Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave And The Bold and Batman Beyond.

Director Marc Webb for Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been kind enough to continue tweeting photos from the production set.  This week he revealed two images of significance.  One is the directory of Ravencroft which is Marvel's equivalent of Batman's Arkham Asylum.  The other is the first image of actor Colm Feore in a (so far) undisclosed role:



 Other movie images released this week came from Iron Man 3's IMAX poster:

And The Wolverine.  Notice the blood on one of his claws in the top photo:


The trailer for The Wolverine is scheduled to screen prior to G.I. Joe starting March 27th.

Back to Iron Man 3 - the interactive Verizon Iron Man 3 website launched on Monday.  On the site you can build your own Iron Man armor and see 3 new trailers coming in April.  You can also win prizes as part of the promotion.

In casting news, Robert Redford is in negotiations to join Captain America: Winter Soldier.  And Thor: The Dark World.  Actor Chris O'Dowd will be making a cameo.

In product news, UD Replicas released an image of a new Dark Knight movie trilogy backpack that you can pre-order for $298.  The Dark Knight wore this backpack in The Dark Knight on a Hong Kong rooftop and also during The Dark Knight Rises.

During last month's Toy Fair, Mattel wasn't ready to display their upcoming 1966 Batman action figures.  But now they have released an image of the Dynamic Duo in action.  If you turn your head to the right 90 degrees and pretend these action figures are climbing a rope, they look pretty cool:


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